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A TCC Setup Configuration file Sample_PHP_8.0.0_V01.TCCSetup is delivered with this technology extension (it can be found at the root of the PHP extension folder in %ProgramData%\CAST\CAST\Extensions). This .TCCSetup file will, when imported into the CAST Transaction Configuration Center, provide a pre-defined set of Transaction Entry Points under "Free Definition".

Importing into the CAST Transaction Configuration Center

  • This .TCCSetup file is to be imported into the CAST Transaction Calibration Center using either the:
    • File > Import Setup menu option:

    • Or right clicking on the Setup node (in the relevant Application) and selecting Import Setup:

For AFP count information, we are using the generic object from the PHP metamodel. The resulting count is not accurate and requires some clean-up. An improvement of this behavior is planned for future PHP releases.

Results of the import  

The import of the "Sample_PHP_8.0.0_V01.TCCSetup" file will provide you with a sample Transaction Entry point in the Free Definition node:

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