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Summary: This page explains how to prepare and configure the analysis of your Flex source code.

Source code

Source code requirements

Only files with following extensions will be analyzed:

  •  *.egl
  • *.egldd
  • *.eglbld
  • *.project 

Source code preprocessing

EGL source code needs to be preprocessed so that CAST can understand it and analyze it correctly. In previous releases of the extension, this preprocessing was a manual action that needed to be completed before the code was analyzed. However, in this release and all future releases, the code preprocessing is actioned automatically when an analysis is launched or a snapshot is generated (the code is preprocessed before the analysis starts). In other words you only need to package, deliver and launch an analysis/generate a snapshot for the preprocessing to be completed.

Note that the CAST Management Studio will use the LISA folder (see CAST Management Studio help for more information about this folder).

Application Source code delivery and Snapshot generation 

When delivering your source code for analysis with CAST, you need to follow the same process as for technologies that are supported by CAST "out of the box". In other words:

Logging mechanism

Analysis log files

Analysis logs are stored in the default locations used by the CAST Management Studio.

EGL Preprocessor

EGL Preprocessor log files (the preprocessor is launched automatically during an analysis) are stored in the following locations:

CAST AIP releaseLocationLog file name


Note that the above location is the default, however, if you have modified the CAST_PLUGINS_ROOT_PATH variable in the CastGlobalSettings.ini file, this location may be different.
8.3.xDefault location is set to C:\castms\log\<unique_application_id>\, but this location can be configured at will in the CAST Management Studio "Preferences".

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