Platform administration information

Need for homogeneity

Assessment Model updates are a normal use of the solution. However, these updates must be performed with care as the legitimacy of trend and comparison information greatly depends on the methodology you use for the update. If the Assessment Model is not homogeneous over time and context, assessment information cannot be compared.

Even for one-shot assessments, users will tend to compare assessment results - outside of the CAST Engineering Dashboard context - from their previous experiences. Homogeneity is therefore as important in this one-shot perspective as in a multiple assessment perspective.

However, the ability to re-compute the consolidation of a past snapshot using the current Assessment Model configuration can help bridge the gap when it comes to:

The consolidation feature can not handle impacts of analyzer updates, low-level quality indicator updates or additions etc.

You can run a consolidation using the CAST Management Studio GUI (Dashboard Service editor > Snapshots tab):

Enabling repeatability

Repeatability can be obtained through the built-in export and import capabilities (CAST also advises that you back-up your custom configuration).

Exporting configuration for back-up

To do so:

Importing a configuration for restoration purposes

To load a previous configuration:


The ability to import a copy with a new name is a simple way to replicate an Assessment Model.