The Report Builder lets end-users define their own reports based on existing content of the CAST Engineering Dashboard. Building a new report consists of:

The page can be accessed from the Quick Access page - FRAME_PORTAL_QUICKACCESS_ADG.

Creating a new report

Select the Access to Report Builder Administration page in the Administrator Pages sub-section. This will launch the Report Builder Administration page (in its own tab):

Next enter the following information in each field:

Note that a non-Administrator user can:

  • List and display its own reports as well as all the reports that have been assigned to the ALL wildcard user.
  • Delete and update its own reports

A user with Administrator privileges can:

  • List, display, delete, and update all existing reports
  • Create a report for any one portal user
  • Create a report for the ALL wildcard user so that any user can list and display it.

Note that the following options are available in the Date field:

  • <Last Date>: most recent Snapshot available
  • <Previous Date>: second most recent Snapshot available
  • <First Date>: oldest Snapshot available
  • Actual dates: actual dates when the snapshot was generated

Note also that with regard to the actual dates displayed in the drop down list: if you have generated snapshots for multiple Applications, the CAST Engineering Dashboard will offer actual dates for ALL available Applications rather than the Application you have selected - so you will see dates that may not correspond the the Application. The list of actual dates will refresh and display correctly if you select a different Application in the Application field and then re-select the Application you require.

Section type

Lists the Section Type as selected during the creation of the report

Section title

Lists the title you entered

Section parameters

Enables you to edit the specific parameters for the selected section

Move Up/Down

Enables you to move the selected section up or down in the report list (this affects the way the report is displayed)


Use this to delete the selected section

Force page break before

Use this option to choose whether you would like the CAST Engineering Dashboard to insert page breaks between each report section, specifically for Printing.

Displaying an existing report

Editing the contents of an existing report

You can:

Deleting a report

Generating a PDF of a report

To generate a PDF of a report, there are two options:

Manually on an ad-hoc basis

Automatically when a Snapshot is generated

If you want to generate a PDF report each time a snapshot is generated, then: