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In addition to the Monitor - Benchmark and Indicator Monitor - Benchmark pages, the CAST Engineering Dashboard features a Version Comparison page, which provides a deeper insight into the evolution between two snapshots in a given context.

The page can be accessed from the Quick Access.

Version Comparison Summary section

This section allows you to choose the Context (i.e. Application or Module), a Snapshot Date Range and a Cost Model (see the Cost Model Administration page in Quick Access). Relevant information is then displayed below, including:

Note that the Effort and Cost data is derived from the values configured in the selected Cost Profile (the Default profile will be selected automatically) - see the section Cost Profiles Administration page in Quick Access - except where effort and cost Background Facts have been uploaded when these values will be used instead.


Focus section

This section provides further details on Added, Deleted and Updated artifacts, including:

Please note that when artifacts are moved from one Module to another between two snapshots,  these artifacts will NOT be flagged as Added, Deleted or Updated and will therefore not feature in the Content Evolution statistics.