Summary: this page provides an explanation about the CAST Extension Downloader.


CAST provides a range of extensions to provide support for a wide range of technologies, both in terms of analysis and also in terms of source code extraction and discovery. These extensions have a release life cycle that is different to the CAST AIP life cycle, in other words new releases of extensions can be made public at any time.

To support the automated download of these extensions from CAST, CAST provides users with a tool called the Extension Downloader. This page provides an explanation of the Extension Downloader GUI.

On this page:

Where can I find the Extension Downloader?

The CAST Extension Downloader (ExtensionDownloader.exe) is part of CAST AIP 8.x and above and is installed by its setup. You can find it at the root of the CAST AIP installation folder. For CAST AIP 7.3.x users, it is available as a download from our FTP server. Please unzip the archive file and copy the contents into your CAST AIP installation folder.


Installed / Available / Updates

The options Installed / Available / Updates function as follows - clicking an option will refresh the content list (i.e. list of extensions):


This option displays all the extensions that have already been downloaded on to the local machine. Extensions are downloaded to:

AIP 7.3.x <CAST_installation_folder>\CustomPlugins
Note that for CAST AIP 8.x.x and above, you can modify the download location as described in Download an extension.
AvailableThis option displays all the extensions that are available on the remote server that have not already been downloaded to the local machine.
UpdatesThis option displays all extensions that are available on the remote server that are a more recent version of an extension that has already been downloaded to the local machine.

Preferences button

The Preferences button enables you to configure a new remote download server:

By default, various remote download servers will already be pre-programmed into the CAST Extension Downloader (as shown above). A tick in the check box next to the remote download server indicates that that server is being used (you can tick multiple remote download servers if necessary).

Adding a new remote download server

If you need to use an alternative remote server, then you can use this option to add it:

  • Click New to add a new blank server - a new line will appear:

  • Select the blank server, and then enter the details for the new remote download server in the Name and Address fields:

  • The new server will be displayed in the list and will be ticked to indicate that it will be contacted.

Deleting an existing remote download server

To remove an existing remote download server:

  • Select the server and click the Delete button to remove it:

Toolbar options

The two check boxes provide the following display filtering options and operate ONLY when the Available option is selected:

Latest versions only
Displays only the latest version of a given extension - in other words an extension will only appear once in the list and this will be the most recent version of it. For example: if versions 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 have been published on the server, only version 2.0 will be displayed.
Long term support only
Displays only versions that have been released with Long term support. For example: if long term support versions 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 have been published on the server as well as beta release 2.5, only 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 will be displayed.


Use the Search box to filter extensions by name in the display list. Any extensions containing the search string will be displayed.

Extension information

When an extension is selected in the display list, information about the extension is shown as in the example above:

  • Author
  • Dependencies (any extensions which will be downloaded at the same time)
  • A brief description and a link to the documentation where applicable
  • Tags to aid search