This page helps you to resolve the issue you may encounter during generation of Miscellaneous report in dashboard as shown below:







CSS (tick)

  1. Run analysis+snapshot
  2. Launch Dashboard
  3. Try to generate Miscellaneous report from dashboard

If you come across the above error during the generation of Miscellaneous report in dashboard then, please perform the below actions:

  1. Take a snapshot skipping analysis
  2. If it is not resolving the issue then you might need to check if there is any corrupted metric involved in your application result. You can check that by running the query mentioned in  Query on central base. This query will provide the corrupted metric name and id.
  3. If you find any metric as a result of the above query then please deactivate that particular metric from assessment model and take a snapshot skipping analysis.
  4. If the above steps do not solve your issue contact CAST Technical Support. with the following Relevant input 


Relevant input

Ticket # 24024