This page provides assistance with the Advanced Search feature of the  Engineering Dashboard (ED). 

When Advanced Search hangs, the page may look like this with the violation search just hanging where the red box is located:



8.3.x, x>=3 with Dashboard package 1.7.0 or above




CSS (tick)

  • Try to use Advanced Search
  • Search hangs

Perform the below actions

  1. First make sure that you have enabled Advanced Search as indicated in the documentation located here:  CAST Dashboard Package - Engineering Dashboard - Search options - Advanced Search as Advanced Search is not enabled by default.
  2. Ensure that you are using a compatible java version - Standalone dashboard - installation requirements, If not the Lucene Indexe file will not be created, the log file will contain  the following message: 

    Cannot create Lucene Indexes: this IndexWriter is closed

  3. Next make sure that other areas of the ED dashboard are working fine and this is just an issue with Advanced Search
    1. If other areas are having problems as well, please see this page for assistance:  Engineering Dashboard Component ED
  4. If you have enabled Advanced Search and other parts of the ED dashboard are working fine, then check in the restapi.log file for messages like (For assistance with finding the restapi.log, please see this page:  Configuring the Log and Audit Trail ):
    1. 'ERROR: column "lucene_sort_order" of relation "temp_violations" does not exist'
    2. 'bad SQL grammar [insert into TEMP_VIOLATIONS...'.  
    3. If these errors are found, then do the following to resolve the issue:
    4. Stop Tomcat or your web application server (see the documentation with your web application server if you need assistance with this or other steps below).
    5. In the pgadmin query window, issue the following commands:
      1. set search_path=<name of the central database having the issue>;
      2. drop table temp_violations;
    6. Then, drop the folder ED located at <war-folder>/indexesDirectory/ED (the folder with the domain name under indexesDirectory and where <war-folder> is your deployment folder on your web application server)
    7. Restart tomcat or your web application server
    8. Using the  static/default interface, send a PUT request : ED/violations-index (don't forget the PUT, if you let the GET you will have a 404 error) as in the below screenshot:
    9. Go to the advanced Search page and see if this has resolved your issue.
      1. This error is normally caused by using an older dashboard version and trying to use Advanced Search with that version prior to upgrading to a later version.  Some prior versions had a partial implementation of Advanced Search.  
  5. If these errors are not found or the steps above did not resolve your issue, then please contact  CAST Technical Support and provide this Relevant Input


Ticket # 18698