• This page provides assistance when there are incomplete package contents found with the JEE Maven HTTP Extractor extension
  • Documentation on the JEE Maven HTTP extractor can be found here: JEE Maven Http Extractor
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Step by Step scenario

  1. Create a File system package to package J2EE application.
  2. Create a JEE Maven HTTP Repository package to remediate the missing projects.
  3. Run the package on the full version.
  4. Examine the contents of the package extracted by the JEE Maven HTTP package and notice that some objects are missing which are expected to be included in the package contents.

Perform the below actions

  1. Verify that the missing items are available in the maven repository by logging into the repository with the exact repository URL and credentials used in the JEE Maven HTTP Extractor package configuration tab: Extension interface
    1. If the missing items are not available, then either modify the settings in the package configuration tab to ones that can access the items or discuss the issue further with the repository administrator. Once the items can be seen, then attempt to repackage and see if this resolves your issue. Please see this documentation page if needed: DMT - Package
    2. If the missing items are available in the repository, but not in the package and the CAST version being used is 8.2.X or lower:
      1. Check to see if a classifier is being used that might be causing the files not to be extracted. A classifier is another means of differentiating items in a Maven repository (see Maven documentation for more information on this: Maven Coordinates). An example is shown in the screenshot below where the jar files have a classifier of -1 and -2:
      2. If Classifiers are being used, then do the following steps to remediate the issue. Classifiers are supported in 8.3.X and above.
        1. Manually Download the latest jar from the repository outside of CAST (in the example in the screenshot above, it would be 1710-2).
        2. Place the jar in the packaging location 
        3. Package the jar file:Refer DMT - Package
        4. Perform manual remediation to associate downloaded jar file with classifier with the proper non-classified jar file: Refer to this documentation page if needed: Remediation
  2. If none of the cases matches your problem contact Cast Technical Support with the package content section of  Relevant input in order to investigate this issue


Ticket # 11148