In enlighten the links were not coming up between the architecture layers i.e. UI -> BL -> DAL

Links were missing between the layers.

8.1.x (error)
8.0.x (error)
7.3.x, x < 6(tick)

Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)

  1. Package and deliver the source code
  2. Run the analysis
  3. Links are found to be missing between the architecture layer's method, as shown in the screen shot below:


The reference pattern is an entity that is associated to a technology.

It would check if the regular expression is correct and permit to create links to a specific AU.

Reference pattern can be added in a dependency rule to create a desired link between object in source AU and object in Target AU.

  1. In the Technologies tab select .NET and go to Reference Pattern.Give proper name of the RF and write a regular expression which should be common between the objects.
  2. Now go back to the application and select the Dependency tab to create a desired link between the object in source AU and object in the Target AU.
  3. Go to Content Enrichment tab and add the RF to the tool run after the analysis.
  4. Run the analysis.
  5. Open Enlighten and drop the objects in source AU and target AU,after the successful completion of the analysis. You will see the link between them, as shown in the screen shot below

Use To be Decided (TBD) in case you don't know about the impact.

Ticket # 1453