This guide will help one to view the CastLog2 files with the CASTLog2Viewer.exe on the system which does not have CastAIP installed. Usually if you see the log from the DMT application it will be opened with CastLog2Viewer.exe but when trying to open the logs from the folder you can use this solution.


Oracle ServerNA
Microsoft SQL ServerNA

  • Once the DMT is installed from the CAST-AIC Portal the CastLog2Viewer.exe is by default copied to the machine from AICPortal to a similar path to this. C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\CAST\CAST\DMT\<AIC Portal UUID>
    • With a command line, the syntax is:  CastLog2Viewer.exe <filename> where <filename> is the full path of the castlog2 file

    • For each step in the Delivery Manager Tool (extraction, scan, discovery, selection, validation), a XXX.CastLog2 file is produced and on some steps a XXX_report.pmx file is produced as well.  The XXX_report.pmx file is a XML file that gives a lot of information about the results produced by the step, and can be easier to explore than the binary .CastLog2 file.
    • PMX files are written in each package delivery folder, along with the corresponding CastLog2 files.
  • There is also an unsupported tool available which can convert *.castlog2 files to xml format.
    • It is available here:
    • The easiest way to run the file is to unzip the files to a temporary folder and then run the jar file 'CAST-Log2ConverterGUI.jar'.
      • If the java installed on your machine already recognizes jar files, you may be able to just double click on the jar file and the GUI interface will open.
      • Otherwise, you can run at a command prompt the command:  java -jar <temporary_directory_location>\CAST-Log2ConverterGUI.jar
      • This will open the following screen where the required input is the path and filename of the *.castlog2 file to convert and the path and filename of the xml file to be created: