This page provides you with the method to retrieve the list of custom plugins that have been installed by a user.

For more information, refer to: 

For CAST AIP Version 8.0.x and higher : Pages Extending CAST AIP > Skip to end of banner > Go to start of banner > Install an extension > Step 2: Handle DMT plugins

Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)
  1. Open a Command prompt
  2. Go to your StandardPlugins folder that is in your <CAST Installation folder>\Deliverymanagertool folder by running the the following command line :

    cd <YOUR CAST INSTALLATION>\DeliveryManagerTool\standardPlugins
  3. Save the list of folder inside the standardplugins folder in a csv file by running the following command line :

    dir/w >"<YOUR FILES OUTPUT>\standard_plugins.csv"

    Figure 1

  4. Go to the the folder where you saved the list and open the Standard_Plugins.csv with Excel
  5. Clean the file as below and save the file :
    Figure 2
  6. Go to the DELIVERY folder, in an application folder.
  7. Open a file for which extension is *.entity.xml.
  8. Copy the list of plugins list as below screenshot :
    Figure 3
  9. Paste it in a new file.
  10. Do a text replacement in Regular Expression mode.
    1. Replace ":" with "-", click replace all
    2. Replace ";" with "\n", click replace all
    3. Save the file in csv format in the same location as the Standard_Plugins.csv file
      Figure 4
      The result will be like :
      Figure 5
  11. Open the two csv files with Excel
  12. Compare them using the option vlookup in the file Entity_plugins.csv. : The formula is =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A1;Standard_Plugins.csv!$A:$A;1;0));"THIS PLUGIN IS NOT A STANDARD PLUGIN, IT MUST TO BE ADDED";"THIS IS A STANDARD PLUGIN")
    Figure 6
  13. The additional plugins are those that are not found by the vlookup function.