Top Riskiest tile provides a clickable "cloud" of object names  - the larger and bolder the font used to display the name, the higher the Risk (previously known as PRI: Propagated Risk Index) value the object has within the specified Health Factor (i.e. Security or Efficiency for example). See Engineering Dashboard for more information about how Risk is calculated.

Clicking an object name in the tile will take you directly to the object in the Application Investigation view.



  "type": "RiskiestComponents",
  "parameters": {
    "business": "60011",
    "indicator": "Transferability",
  "color": "grey",
  "col": 5,
  "row": 2,
  "sizex": 2,
  "sizey": 1,
  "min-sizex": 2,
  "min-sizey": 1,
  "max-sizey": 5,
  "max-sizex": 5