By default, Risk Introduced tile shows two values for the Total Quality Index (TQI) Health Factor:

Values are a comparison between the previous and current snapshot, therefore if this is the first snapshot then there will be Added Critical Violations or Violations but no Removed Critical Violations or Violations. It is also possible to change the Health Factor by clicking the drop down arrow next to the Health Factor name. If no added or removed Critical Violations or Violations are present in the snapshot, then the tile will display no data and will not be clickable:

Note that depending on whether Critical Violations or ALL Violations are being displayed (see Data Filtering on Critical Violations), the content will reflect the filter that is currently active, displaying only Critical Violations or ALL Violations accordingly.

Behaviour when the tile is clicked

Clicking the tile will take you directly to the Health Factor in the Quality Investigation view (see Engineering Dashboard for more information), however, the Quality Investigation view will only show added and removed violation information. Any Health Factor, Technical Criterion or Quality Rule where the number of Added and/or Removed violations is 0, will not be visible. A message will reflect this (click to enlarge):



    "type": "AddedViolations",
    "parameters": {
      "business": "60017"
    "color": "orange",
    "col": 3,
    "row": 1,
    "sizex": 2,
    "sizey": 1,
    "min-sizex": 1,
    "min-sizey": 1,
    "max-sizey": 1,
    "max-sizex": 2