CAST Dashboards consists of different AIP components and products:

At a broad level, the workflow below shows the onboarding of application source code through AIP Console. AIP Console generates application source code metadata by reverse-engineering front-end, middleware, and back-end code. The application data can be viewed using the Health Dashboard (provides insight for digital leaders), the Engineering Dashboard (provides detailed results for delivery teams and engineers) or the Security Dashboard (provides similar functionality to the Engineering Dashboard, focused on Security measures and rules).

CAST AIP Console

AIP Console is a front end web application that can be installed on Microsoft Windows or Linux and provides services that are required to configure and run analyses remotely on multiple analysis machines. It supports the full analysis process from registering the application, delivering the source code to producing the snapshots and viewing the dashboards. AIP Console is designed such that it allows you to:

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AIP Node

CAST Storage Service / PostgreSQL

Data produced by the AIP Core analysis engine needs to be stored somewhere before it can be "consumed". This requirement is fulfilled by the open-source RDBMS PostgreSQL which CAST AIP is optimized to work with. PostgreSQL has been chosen largely due to its low cost (i.e. free) and fast performance. CAST provides PostgreSQL as a custom Windows installable package known as CAST Storage Service, or it can be installed on all mainstream Linux distributions via the repository system. CAST highly recommends the use of PostgreSQL on a Linux instance as this consistently gives the best performance during analyses.

Result consumption

Results produced by the AIP Core analysis engine are consumed/exploited for the most part via browser based "dashboards". These are delivered:

Health Dashboard

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Engineering Dashboard

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Security Dashboard

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Report Generator

Report Generator is an installable software package for automatic generation of reports based on data generated by CAST AIP. The solution provides the opportunity (for example) to prepare and automate assessments for each new version of application analyzed with CAST AIP. Documents are based on Microsoft Office templates and can be modified to prepare a specific template to meet a particular use case or to comply with a company format. After generation, the resulting document can be further adapted if necessary.

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Other software

Transaction/Function Point configuration

Available in the AIP Console front-end web application (and also as a software package delivered as part of the AIP Core analysis engine available on each AIP Node): designed to provide calibration functionality for the initial automatic Function Point count produced by the AIP Core analysis engine (using OMG-compliant Automated Function Points). Calibration includes removing technical and temporary objects from the list of Function Points counted, aggregating and splitting several function points into one and changing the type of the Data or Transactional Functions.

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Architecture Studio

Available in the AIP Console front-end web application (and also as a software package delivered as part of the AIP Core analysis engine available on each AIP Node): Architecture Studio provides the ability to create custom architecture and quality rule models for a given application. Models are validated during source code analyses and results are produced in the form of violations of the model.

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