Learn more about how to onboard (i.e. the analysis process) a NEW Application using AIP Console. If you would like to import an Application that has previously been managed with CAST Management Studio, see Import an Application managed with CAST Management Studio into AIP Console.

To access AIP Console, use the following URL (ensure you specify the correct server and port number): http://<server>:8081/ui/index.html.


Before beginning the onboarding process, ensure the following prerequisites are completed:

Standard onboarding

Target audience - AIP Operator

Learn how to perform a "standard onboarding" for your new Application - a standard onboarding allows you to get analysis results quickly using the default settings provided in AIP Console. This process includes:

Advanced onboarding

Target audience - AIP Super Operator

Learn how to perform an "advanced onboarding" for your new Application - an advanced onboarding allows you to perform each step of the onboarding process, one-by-one, therefore allowing much greater control over how the code is delivered and analyzed. This process includes: