To perform this step, your AIP Console login must have the Application Owner role at a minimum.


When you want to perform an Advanced rescan, this means that you would like to be able to control the required steps and make changes to the configuration that was used in the previous version analysis.

Run analysis should be disabled

In an advanced rescan scenario, we do not want to run an analysis or publish to CAST Imaging as part of the new version creation process, therefore we must ensure that the Run analysis option is disabled when uploading the source code (this option can be enabled in a Standard rescan for CAST Imaging scenario where you simply want results quickly) - this option is explained fully below:

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Deliver source code

Start code delivery

When you have made your option choices, click FINISH, any subsequent steps will be skipped and if the Run analysis option is disabled (as recommended), the version will be added and will appear in the Application - Versions screen:

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Optionally click NEXT

Optionally, you can click NEXT to change Manage Exclusions/Objectives: