See here for more information about the third-party software that is shipped and installed with CAST Imaging.

Where can I obtain CAST Imaging installation media

≥ 1.10.0

You can obtain installation media from CAST Extend:

≤ 1.9.0

You can obtain CAST Imaging from the CAST Product Center - this requires a CAST login. 

Installation options

CAST Imaging is delivered in a ZIP file.  Ensure you extract this ZIP file - within it you will find two executable files which contain the installation setup:


This is the "full" installation executable - this contains all items required to install CAST Imaging from scratch. This can be used where a machine has no previous installation of CAST Imaging.

Installation process: Clean installation - Microsoft Windows traditional installer.

Once the installation process is complete, please see the CAST Imaging - User Guide for information about using CAST Imaging.


This is a "partial installation" executable - this will update an existing installation of CAST Imaging. All data imported into the previous installation will be retained and reused.

It does not contain all the items that are delivered in the "full" installation executable and cannot be used to install CAST Imaging from scratch.

To update to a new release of CAST Imaging, see Update an existing installation - Microsoft Windows traditional installer.