Before you can start to use CAST Imaging, you will need to:

There are various ways to achieve these two steps:

Automation tool

This method combines both the export and the import step in one for automation purposes:

  • This tool is only available for CAST Imaging ≥ 1.8.x.
  • This tool is available on Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

Traditional two step approach

This method is described in:

  • This tool is only available for CAST Imaging ≥ 1.8.x.
  • This tool is ONLY available on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Via AIP Console


  • Currently, it is possible to extract data only from an Analysis Service which contains a single Application.
  • Before data generation and import of the Application takes place:
    • if the Application contains Architecture Models, or any transaction/data call graphs, then a snapshot must have already been generated
    • if the Application does not contain Architecture Models, nor any transaction/data call graphs, then a prepare snapshot action is all that is required
  • Note that where the prepare snapshot or generate snapshot actions have already been run and a subsequent "run analysis only" is executed on the entire Application or one single Analysis Unit within the Application, you must either run the prepare snapshot or generate snapshot options again BEFORE data generation and import takes place.

Import actions can take a long time for very large Applications. Please avoid restarting services during an application import - this may cause corruption in the Neo4j database.