Set creation

This pages describes how to create a new set that will detect objects that you want to calibrate.

The below example shows just one way of creating a set (detection by object name), you can, however, use other methods: by inheritance and by type - these are explained further in:

Example scenario:

To achieve the above:

Note that DET and RET values are required when creating Data Entity sets and DET and Contribute values are required when creating End Point sets. See DET, RET, Contribute values for more information.

Note that when entering search strings in the Name column, a simple LIKE comparison is executed to find the matching objects. As such, you can use the following characters as wildcards:

- % (percent)
- this wildcard will match any string of characters, even empty characters
- _ (underscore)
- this wildcard will match any single character The wildcard characters % and _ cannot be escaped, therefore you cannot search explicitly for objects that contain these characters in their name. As such, you may find that when using the above wildcards, objects are matched which you do not require. If this is the case, please instead use the Free definition node where you can use the MATCH option with a Regular Expression to achieve what you need.

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