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Summary: This page provides information about how to access resources in the CAST databases.


The CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is an objective and repeatable way to measure and improve the Application Software Quality of multi-platform, multi-language, and multi-sourced applications. CAST AIP stores a large amount of data about your Applications and provides results through interfaces called the Health Dashboard and the Engineering Dashboard. If you don't want to directly use either of these dashboards and prefer to develop a specific use case according to your business requirements, CAST AIP also provides a REST API solution. This API is aimed at programmers:

CAST provides documentation for using the REST API to access the data you require:


The REST API is delivered as follows:

Health Dashboard

The REST API is delivered as part of the Health Dashboard (the dashboard uses it to display the results). By accessing the following URL in your Health Dashboard, you can start to use the API:


Note that when you use the REST API in this way, it will be configured to work only with the Measurement Service.

Engineering Dashboard

The REST API is delivered as part of the Engineering Dashboard (the dashboard uses it to display the results). By accessing the following URL in your Engineering Dashboard, you can start to use the API:



CAST also provides a standalone REST API WAR file which can be deployed and configured on your Apache Tomcat application server, in exactly the same way as the Health Dashboard / Engineering Dashboard (see Installing and configuring the CAST-RestAPI.war). This WAR does not include the Health Dashboard nor Engineering Dashboard.

You can find the WAR file in the WARS folder in your CAST AIP installation folder:

Once the WAR is deployed and configured,you can access it as follows (the first URL redirects to the second):


Note that you can configure the REST API to interact with a Dashboard or a Measurement Service - simply define the relevant schema name in the context.xml file when you deploy it (see Installing and configuring the CAST-RestAPI.war).

API for CAST Analysis and Dashboard Services

The following guides describe certain tables and views that can be used to extract information.

This method of extracting information is deprecated. You should now use the CAST RestAPI to extract the information you require.

Apache Drill for CAST AIP

The following guide provides installation and deployment instructions for Apache Drill. Apache Drill can be used with third-party Business Intelligence tools (eg Excel, Tableau, Qlickview, MicroStrategy...) or CAST field extensions to exploit the results produced by CAST AIP via the CAST RestAPI:

Integration of CAST Action plan into Atlassian JIRA

The following guide provides instructions for enabling an integration of the CAST AIP Action Plan into the Atlassian JIRA bug tracking system. CAST Action Plan items can be automatically pushed into JIRA and converted into a bug ticket that can be assigned to the development team:

Using CAST AIP data in Excel with Power Query and the RestAPI

The following guide provides information about how to setup and configure Microsoft Excel to display CAST AIP data using Power Query and the RestAPI: