The support for AWS is distributed among several CAST extensions. This page summarizes what is supported for AWS when using the most recent versions of CAST extensions. 

List of supported languages / deployment frameworks

Amazon Web Services Lambda can be implemented and deployed with several tools (i.e. deployment frameworks) using several languages. The following table shows what language is supported with what framework:


Deployment framework
Serverless frameworkAWS CloudFormationAWS Serverless Application Model (SAM)AWS Software Development Kit (SDK)Cloud Development Kit (CDK)
Node.js (JavaScript)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)
Node.js (TypeScript)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)

In AWS, the lambda functions can be triggered by APIGateway, S3 or SQS events. The APIGateway triggers are supported by default for languages and deployment frameworks for which the lambdas are supported. Triggers from S3 and SQS events are supported for Java and Node.js (JavaScript and TypeScript).

More about support for each language with CAST AIP