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What is the CAST Dashboard Package?

The CAST Dashboard Package is a "global" name for the following CAST dashboards, packaged as WAR files:

ItemPackage name
CAST Engineeringcom.castsoftware.aip.dashboard.engineering
CAST Healthcom.castsoftware.aip.dashboard.health
CAST Health & Engineering combinedcom.castsoftware.aip.dashboard
CAST RESTAPI standalonecom.castsoftware.aip.dashboard.restapi

Note that starting from release 1.8.0, the CAST Security Dashboard related WAR files are no longer provided. These are now provided separately in CAST Extend.

Why standalone WAR files?

Releasing dashboard WAR files outside of the CAST AIP release cycle allows CAST to respond more quickly to feature requests and bug fixes which would ordinarily need to wait until a CAST AIP maintenance release or a new minor/major release.

What is released in a standalone WAR file?

Each WAR file released with the package is based on a specific release of CAST AIP, then feature requests and bug fixes are added. All changes that are integrated into the standalone WARs do not require any update to the CAST AIP schemas, therefore deployment is relatively simple - deploy the new WARs alongside the existing WAR, update any configuration files in the new deployment for your own environment and then remove the existing corresponding WAR - see Installation and deployment process.

Release Notes

Please see Release Notes for more information about each release:

Installation and deployment process

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End-user guides

Please see the following guides for more information about how to use the CAST Dashboards:

Advanced configuration options

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