Summary: step-by-step instructions for manually updating CAST Extend local server with new content.


CAST Extend local server is delivered "empty" without any preconfigured extensions and in normal functioning mode, extensions will be automatically downloaded from CAST Extend when requested by AIP Console or Extension Downloader. However, you can also populate CAST Extend local server with specific extensions manually should you need to.

The process of updating is as follows:

When CAST Extend local server is updated with a new bundle of extensions and extensions have already been added, a "merge" is actioned, rather than a "delete and add". This means that no extensions are ever removed, i.e.:

When an .extarchive is uploaded, the packages are stored by default in:


The ability to create a bundle using the live CAST Extend website is no longer supported. You must use ExtendCli.

Update process

Creating the bundle (.extarchive file)

See ExtendCli for more detailed information. If you want to simply add all "product", "user community" and "labs" extensions to a bundle (.extarchive file), you can use the following commands:

ExtendCli.exe config set api-key <YOUR API KEY>
ExtendCli.exe bundle clear
ExtendCli.exe bundle template add product
ExtendCli.exe bundle template add community
ExtendCli.exe bundle template add labs
Extendcli.exe bundle pack -o <Folder path>

Upload the bundle to CAST Extend local server

Via AIP Console

This method has been removed in Console ≥ 2.5.

If you are using CAST Extend local server with AIP Console, the process of updating CAST Extend local server is handled automatically by AIP Console. Login to AIP Console with a user account that already has the Admin role and switch to the Admin Center:

Now move to the Administration Center - System Settings panel and expand the CAST Extend option:

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Drag and drop your downloaded bundle in to the options screen, or click the button to choose the .extarchive file directly. The bundle will then be uploaded and added to CAST Extend local server automatically and all new extensions added to the bundle will be available immediately.

Via the CAST Extend local server GUI

Starting v. ≥ 1.1.0, CAST Extend local server has its own GUI which you can use to upload the .extarchive file. See Manage CAST Extend local server via Administration Center for more information about this.

Via the CAST Extend local server built in API and curl

CAST Extend local server has a built in API that can be accessed in a manner of ways. It is therefore possible to upload a new bundle using the API, for example with curl:

curl -H "x-cxproxy-apikey:<APIKEY>" -F "data=@path_to_file.extarchive" http://<server>:<port>/api/update

-H This option defines an extra header to include in the request when sending HTTP to a server. In the case of CAST Extend local server, this is used to send the APIKEY value to allow access. See

The APIKEY that grants access to Extend local server. The APIKEY value is displayed at the end of the CAST Extend local server installation process. Alternatively you can find the APIKEY value in the following location on the server on which CAST Extend local server is installed:


The key is located on the line APIKEY:

	"PORT": 8085,
	"STORAGE_DIR": "c:/ProgramData/CAST/Extend",
	"PACKAGE_DIR": null,
	"LOG_DIR": "C:/Program Files/CAST/Extend/logs",
	"PUBLIC_URL": "http://WIN10TEST:8085/",
	"EXTEND_URL": "",
	"APIKEY": "<api_key>",
	"ADMI": "admi194c45b7d34a12adb81df7838b66e127e280838b2585276604865460316d6813353000e1b800c50e3d2cd6b2740bf47a99568c70ca52424c77f7d5a2b8016b810",
	"SYNC_TYPE": "auto"

-FThis causes curl to POST data using the Content-Type multipart/form-data. See
path_to_file.extarchiveThe path to the .extarchive bundle file. Replace this with your 

Forms part of the URL to your on premises CAST Extend local server. For example:

  • <server>: the local server on which CAST Extend local server is installed.
  • <port>: the port number which CAST Extend local server runs on. This is determined during the installation (default port number is set to 8085).

For example:

curl -H "x-cxproxy-apikey:<api_key>" -F "data=@D:\downloads\b2b430df976c412ca29e799fff0fd86e.extarchive" http://WIN10TEST:8085/api/update