Summary: This document provides information about the extension providing Mainframe analysis support.

Extension ID


What's new?

Please see Mainframe Analyzer - 1.0 - Release Notes for more information.


This extension provides support for Mainframe (Cobol, CICS, JCL, IMS...). If your application contains Mainframe source code and you want to view these object types and their links with other objects, then you should install this extension.

Technical information


When installed, this extension replaces the Mainframe Analyzer embedded in CAST AIP Core:

Starting AIP Console 1.26, if Mainframe source code is detected by AIP Console during delivery, the Mainframe extension will automatically be downloaded and installed replacing the Mainframe Analyzer embedded in AIP Core. If you do not want this to occur, you must blacklist the Mainframe extension using the file on the AIP Node responsible for analyzing your application. See Blacklisting extensions for more information.

Features / support added in the extension

IBM MQ Series

The analyzer supports IBM MQSeries (see Mainframe - Technical notes), but the following support has been added in the extension:

Function Point, Quality and Sizing support

This extension provides the following support:

Function Points
(tick)A green tick indicates that OMG Function Point counting and Transaction Risk Index are supported.
Quality and Sizing(tick)A green tick indicates that CAST can measure size and that a minimum set of Quality Rules exist.

CAST AIP Core compatibility

This extension is compatible with:

CAST AIP core release


≥ 8.3.26(tick)

Supported DBMS servers

This extension is compatible with the following DBMS servers:

CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL(tick)


(tick)An installation of any compatible release of CAST AIP core (see table above)

Required third-party software

Please see: Mainframe - Required third-party software.

Dependencies with other extensions


Parametrization_Cobol.xml file

The extension is shipped with a parameterization XML file called Parametrization_Cobol.xml file - see Mainframe - Analysis configuration for more information about this. This file takes priority over the same file delivered in AIP Core (in Configuration\Parametrization\Cobol) therefore if you are moving to using the Mainframe Analyzer, you must ensure the following:

Download and installation instructions

Please see:

Application qualification information

Please see: Mainframe - Application qualification specifics.

Prepare and deliver the source code

Please see: Mainframe - Prepare and deliver the source code.

Analysis configuration and execution

Please see: Mainframe - Analysis configuration and execution and all child pages:

What analysis results can you expect?

Please see: Mainframe - Analysis results.

Structural Rules

Please see: Mainframe - Structural rules.