Summary: CAST AIP 8.3.26 introduces a number of features and changes as listed below. To view the impacts of these changes on analysis results, see: Changes in results post upgrade

Mainframe Analyzer

Analyzer as an extension

The Mainframe Analyzer has been externalised as an extension to give the feature more flexibility to future development.

Updates to Base_Mainframe.TCCSetup for transaction configuration

See also Changes in results post upgrade - 8.3.26.

Name of unresolved MQ publisher/subscriber objects has been changed to avoid false links

In previous releases of AIP, unresolved queue names lead to the creation of Publisher/Subscriber objects with the  same name Unresovled:MQP2P. As a result, many false links are created skewing results. In CAST AIP 8.3.26, the name of the unresolved object has been changed from Unresolved:MQP2P to UnknownMQ:<COBOL_Parent_PROGRAM> - this identifies the Cobol program name publishing/subscribing to the message and will reduce the number of false links. See also Changes in results post upgrade - 8.3.26.

Update to ensure JCL SQL Query objects are created correctly

A change has been implemented to ensure that JCL SQL Query objects are created correctly when the DSNTIAUL program is used. See also Changes in results post upgrade - 8.3.26.

User Input Security

CAST Transaction Configuration Center

Improved accuracy of AETP values

In order to provide greater accuracy, the calculation of AETP values has been modified in this release. Previously, all added/deleted/updated AETP detail values between 0 and 1 were calculated with no decimal places, effectively giving the impression in some circumstances (when all added/deleted/updated values were below 1) that total AETP = 0. This behaviour has been changed and AETP detail values are now considered to two decimal places for added/deleted/updated. In addition AETP total values will now be rounded up as follows:

Real valueNew rounded up value

 These results can be seen in the TCC - Enhancement node - Right hand panel. See also Changes in results post upgrade - 8.3.26.