This page is dedicated to understanding the principles of field extension development of extensions beyond product and product road map

There are 5 types of extension development 

  1. Adding custom rules on top of existing supported AIP technologies not in the product road map.
  2. Creating supported extensions for unsupported AIP technologies not in the product road map
  3. Enhancing existing user community extensions  with new version support for technologies which are not in the product road map
  4. Developing an extension using existing OpenSource code checkers to insert new metrics in AIP
  5.  Converting old UA-based technology to full-SDK-Python

The objective of creating an extension

Extensions are developed using the full Python SDK

The prerequisite skills for extension development are:

It is normally a two-day course to cover concepts, including practical work. The course Powerpoint is available at the CAST University

There are some basic concepts for the development of an Extension in AIP

Information on extending CAST AIP is available at Extending CAST AIP

CAST has a specific site for extensions which is located at CAST Extend

There are some examples available within CAST Extend which are SDK training samples on extending