Summary: this page describes the new features and bugs that have been fixed in CAST Report Generator 1.17.x.

Content matrix

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  • Minor GUI updates
  • Updates for:

Compatibility matrix

This release of Report Generator GUI and for Report Generator for Dashboards functions with the following:

CAST RestAPI≥ 1.12.xMandatory
MIPS Reduction Index≥ 20200518

These extensions are required for Compliance Report generation. Depending on what "standard" you are targeting in your Compliance Report, you can install a combination of extensions:

  • To generate Compliance Reports for MIPS standards, you MUST always install the MIPS Reduction Index extension.
  • To generate Compliance Reports for CISQ, OMG-ASCQM and OWASP standards, you can install either the CISQ, OMG-ASCQM and OWASP extensions or the Quality Standards Mapping extension. If both the CISQ, OMG-ASCQM and OWASP extensions and the Quality Standards Mapping extension are installed, data is automatically taken from the CISQ, OMG-ASCQM and OWASP extensions at all times.
If you are using CAST AIP Console ≥ 1.14.0, the Quality Standards Mapping extension is installed with all new source code versions, however, you should ensure that the correct release of the extensions is used.

CISQ Index≥ 20200518


≥ 20200518
OWASP Index≥ 20200518
Quality Standards Mapping extension≥ 20200220
.NET Core SDK3.1.x

Component documentation


Resolved issues

Internal IDTicket IDDescription
REPORTGEN-945-Bookmark of Javascript minified not filtered - results in 180 lines / 3 pages bookmark display


Data configuration in GUI

It is no longer necessary to add the /rest suffix to the RestAPI URL when configuring access to the data in the GUI (see Configuring access to the data). Instead, if the /rest suffix is omitted, it will be added automatically by the GUI.

Auto-check for new update in GUI

During CAST Report Generator start-up, a check is made to see whether the current release of CAST Report Generator is the most recent. If a newer release is available, a link to CAST Extend will be provided in the Messages panel, allowing you to download the new update. If CAST Extend is not accessible, this will be logged in the Messages panel.

GUI About dialog box improvements

The About dialog box (available in the main menu > About) has been improved to include the following information:

Misc. component updates

When using any of the following components:

... the PARAMS configuration can now contain IDs for categories of distribution (e.g. 65504 for high complexity artifacts). Any sizing ID can be used - SZ for sizing measure, QR for quality rule or BF for background fact). For example, in the following configuration, the SZ parameters c and d have been configured with 65101 (small size artifacts) and 65102 (average size artifacts):


In this release, these changes only function at Application level, not at Portfolio level (the categories are not currently available). If you configure them at Portfolio level (using equivalent PF_ components, results will always be 0 or No Data Found.

Text component updates


New options added, see Text components available for Report Generator 1.17.0:


New options added, see Text components available for Report Generator 1.17.0:

When specifying a custom expression, either an ID or PARAMS + EXPR should be specified. If no module and no technology are specified, the value for the Application is taken.