Search in code in an Analysis Service with Subsets

Search in code produces errors when SQL objects are selected in database subsets. As a result, the searched pattern is not found. Search in code works correctly if the SQL objects are not selected in the tree and the search is done in the entire Analysis Service.

Running Enlighten several times

Launching Enlighten twice from the same CAST version (same installation directory) is impossible.

Add Linked Objects

When an Add Linked Objects operation retrieves objects that are currently not in the Object Browser window and you add such an object to the graph without adding its project to the browser (Cancel in the Add Project message box), selecting the Show Full Name check-box will cause all objects to disappear from the Preview list in the Add Linked Objects dialog except for the selected object.

Impact Analysis

Column Level Impact Analysis

The functionality known in previous releases of CAST AIP as the Column Level Impact Analysis (CLIA) for participating Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase ASE databases is no longer available (and has not been since CAST AIP 7.2.x). Since the SQL analyzer generated objects for columns, you can use the following workaround to obtain CLIA-like results:

Fine Grain Impact Analysis

The functionality known in previous releases of CAST AIP as the Fine Grain Impact Analysis (FGIA) for participating Oracle schemas is no longer available (and has not been since CAST AIP 7.2.x). There is no workaround for this feature.

Note that this feature has never been available in CAST Enlighten when hosting your CAST schemas on a CAST Storage Service.

Object Browser

Display Configurator

Code Viewer Bookmarks

Business Function/Comment

This application allows you to enter for documentation purposes a label for each object by right-clicking on it on a view, pointing to Advanced and selecting the command Business/Comment/Label. Please note that the following CAST Analyzers override this label when re-analyzing an application: PL/SQL (with the object comment as defined in the Oracle Data Dictionary), PB (with the PowerBuilder internal label), VB (with the caption in the case of VB controls), JSP (an existing label is replaced by a space ' '), T-SQL (with the label "imported" or "synchronized").

Search in code

Cost Estimation

The Cost Estimation feature in Enlighten is based on CAST Dashboard technology. Therefore the same limitations apply as for the CAST Dashboard.

Path Finder

Path Finder stops calculating paths after about 2 minutes to not have the user wait too long for the results. Only paths found within this time are displayed. No path is displayed, even if a path might exist between two objects, when finding this path would take more than 2 minutes.

Filter Profile Manager

The default file path in the Profile Builder dialog box is a temporary folder. Therefore, when saving a new filter profile to the default path, the profile will have disappeared when opening Enlighten the next time. To avoid this, change the default file path using the Browse button in the Profile Builder dialog box and choose a permanent folder, e.g. My Documents. You access the Profile Builder dialog box choosing Tools > Profile Manager > New.