Before  you proceed any further with the configuration it is considered a good practice to review the Analysis Unit configuration against the analysis scope and declared application boundary to determine if any exclusion of the source code delivered is required. 

With CAST Management Studio you can exclude files or entire Analysis Unit from the actual to match the analysis scope. For example, third party Javascript libraries, required for resolving links between objects could be excluded from the analysis results computations as they may be considered external component of the application analyzed.

The information gathered during the Architecture Review (see Step 3 of 1.2. Application qualification) will help guide the validation of the application boundary and decide what should be excluded from the the internal objects and links representation of the analyzed application. 

Excluding third party components and in general any artifacts which is not relevant to the scope of the analysis will improve the relevance of the results delivered.

Best Practices

Strategies and CAST recommended best practice for exclusion/ inclusion of various source code type are summarized in the table below:

SourceCode Type

StrategyAnalysis Services
internal/ external
Dashboard Services

Source code created and maintained by App Team

select for analysis


modules as required

Automatically generated Source code

select for analysis - as it will be required for discover all links *


isolate in specific module(s)

Test code

don't select for analysis



Binary External libraries - Java/App server/frameworks JARs 
(contain .class)

automatically selected for analysis
(Analyzer performs method signature extraction for called methods)

external - set automatically by the Analyzer

not in CB (external)

Source libraries - Javascript libraries 
(source code provided as .js files)

select for analysis (required for link discovery)

external **

not in CB (external)

* When the size of the generated source code prevent the AU to be successfully analyzed without a costly split and fine tuning, then it is advisable to not select it for analysis.

** 20+ common JavaScript libraries (e.g jQuery, ext.js, etc.) are excluded by default using standard environment profile "JavaScript Libraries". CAST Admin must check if the target application's used JS libraries are included in the default list, and if not, create a new custom JEE environment profile to perform the exclusion. 

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Application qualification and analysis kick-off

Application Analysis Process with CAST AIP

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