AIP Console has API documentation provided by Swagger. This documentation is interactive and you can test requests directly. The API documentation is accessible via the URL (change the URL to suit your own environment):


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The AIP Console API interface contains API commands for both the AIP Console and AIP Node, therefore there is no need to switch between each interface (as was the case in previous releases).


Before you can interactively use the graphical API, you must be authorized. Authorization requires a user API key, which you can generated in your user profile settings:

Using the API interactively

Show the request type you want to test:

Expand the specific request using the blue section in the top left:

and click Try it out:

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Real life implementation of the API

CAST has used the AIP Console API to build various tools that can be used to improve the analysis process (Jenkins plugin and automation). You can find out more about these tools here: - explore tools to see how the API can be used in a real life context.


  • If you are a member of the CAST-Extend GitHub organization, you can push merge requests from another branch (master branch is read-only) or you can fork the project and change it to suit your own requirements
  • These tools are not supported by CAST