Summary: step-by-step instructions for updating the CAST Extend Service with new content.


The CAST Extend Service is delivered with a "stock" set of CAST AIP extensions (the full list for each release of CAST Extend Service can be found in the relevant Release Notes). This stock set of extensions can be enhanced to meet your organization's requirements, for example:

The process of updating the set of extensions available in the CAST Extend Service is as follows:

When the CAST Extend Service is updated with a new package of extensions, a "merge" is actioned, rather than a "delete and add". This means that no extensions are ever removed, i.e.:

What happens when the CAST Extend Service does not contain an extension required for analysis?

The analysis will fail during the "Content discovery" step with the following error:

Update process

Create and download a new package

Log in to and click the Create Package located in the top right corner next to the profile icon:

The following screen will be displayed:

This screen shows:

Choose the bundle(s) you wish to include in the update package by toggling the slider to the enabled position:

Finally click the Generate Update button to build the package.

The following message will be displayed:

You will receive an email (sent to the email address associated with your CAST Extend login) when your package is ready to download. Click the Download button to return to where you can start the package download:

  • A package containing only default extensions is generally around 500MB
  • Package files will use the .extarchive file extension

Upload the package to CAST Extend Service

Via AIP Console

If you are using the CAST Extend Service with AIP Console, the process of updating the CAST Extend Service is handled automatically by AIP Console. Login to AIP Console with a user account that already has the Admin role and switch to the Admin Center:

Now move to the Settings panel and expand the CAST Extend option:

Click to enlarge

Drag and drop your downloaded package in to the options screen, or click the button to choose the .extarchive file directly. The package will then be uploaded and added to the CAST Extend Service automatically and all new extensions added to the package will be available immediately.

Via the CAST Extend Service API and curl

CAST Extend has a built in API that can be accessed in a manner of ways. It is therefore possible to upload a new package using the API, for example with curl:

curl -F "data=@<path_to_file.extarchive>" http://<server>:<port>/api/update

curl option -FThis causes curl to POST data using the Content-Type multipart/form-data. See
<path_to_file.extarchive>The path to the .extarchive package file.

Form part of the URL to your on premises CAST Extend Service. For example:

  • <server>: the local server on which CAST Extend Service is installed.
  • <port>: the port number which CAST Extend Service runs on. This is determined during the installation (default port number is set to 8085).

For example:

curl -F "data=@D:\downloads\b2b430df976c412ca29e799fff0fd86e.extarchive" http://cast_extend:8085/api/update