Summary: this page describes how to update your user profile and associated options.

Accessing your user profile

You can access your user profile by clicking your user login name in the upper right corner and selecting Profile:

The profile screen will then display:

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Available options


When third-party applications need to interact with the AIP Console API, it is possible to generate an API key in AIP Console and use that key to access the required resources securely. Traditional user/password credentials are deemed a security risk and can also expire causing recurring problems when the AIP Console API resources are used for automation purposes. An API key solves these issues and CAST recommends using one wherever possible.

Note that:

Generating an API key

Note that any user can generate an API key regardless of the role assigned to them.

Click Generate:

A 41 character key will be generated. Use the copy icon to copy the key to your clipboard. Ensure you take a copy as the key will not be shown again:

Deleting an existing key

If you have already generated a key for your login but you no longer require it or need to generate a new one, click the Delete button to remove the existing API key:

Using an API key

When third-party applications need to interact with the AIP Console API, ensure that you add an X-API-KEY attribute in the request header which contains your API Key. For example with curl:

curl -H "X-API-KEY: 06935MrA.G7LStH3Ck9sgeHBYokzIjTdv2DTbicsT" http://aip-console/rest

Note that:

  • X-API-KEY is the alternative of Authorization header.
  • If the value of X-API-KEY is wrong then the API throws a 401 status (Unauthorized).

Email settings

If you would like to be notified via email with regard to the following "job" related statuses you can enter an email address and set the enable email notifications button to active:

EmailEnter the email address you want to receive notifications on.
I want to receive email notificationsToggle this button to either enable or disable notifications sent via email.
UpdateUse this button to save any changes made to the options.

In order for notifications to be sent successfully an AIP Console admin will need to configure the mail server.

Example email

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Unsubscribe function

Each email notification sent to you will contain a link to unsubscribe. Clicking the link will take the user directly back to the user profile page where the I want to receive email notifications button can be deactivated.

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