We have identified the ideal ratio of AETP vs AEFP on the basis of the historical analysis of applications on-boarded. We have identified various Technology stacks ( for e.g. N-tier, client-server etc).  Candidate  Applications will be tagged into identified Technology stacks.  An application will be either in one or other stack, if an application is falling under  multiple stacks then  it will be tagged into the best matching stack on the basis of code % of particular technology ( for E.g. if an N-tier application has mobile technology  source code  then manually on the basis of code  coverage it will be identified if this application will be tagged into N-tier  or Mobile Stack.) 


The purpose of this documentation is to handle High AETP vs AEFP ratio and to provide justification for  AETP Objects. 

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How to Use  Documentation

Identified Technology Stacks  << Identify Stack>>

  1. N-Tier Stack

  2. Messaging driven Stack

  3. Microservices Stack

  4. Mean Stack

  5. SOA(REST / SOAP /Webservice) Stack

  6. Mobile Stack

  7. Client-Server Stack

Recommendation on ratio

Recommendation for  General Reasoning - (Attachment for Dataset - Here)


1) Run the Query attached on <<Local>> database to identify the technology stack of the application. If an application has multiple stacks then manually decide on the basis of code % which stack is applicable for that application. The output of the query would be like shown below.  Download Sql FileIndentify_stack.sql

2) Run the  Script file attached which will create a Function on Central Database.[[ Replace <<Central>> With Application Central Database & Local Database name with <<LOCAL>>]]. Executing that function will give output as below in screenshot ( refer to Output 2.1 , Output 2.2 & Output 2.3. Download Sql File AETP_PROC_WITH_REMARKS.sql

Output - 2.1) It will have remarks for  the artefacts which are valid AETP ( Refer to below fig). 

Output  -2.2) It will have remarks  "Look for possible Entry or Endpoints for following Artifacts ". Scan the source code manually  for entry & Endpoints for these artefacts. ( Refer to below fig)

Output  - 2.3) It will have remarks "These artefacts can be AETP depending upon Application Architecture & Framework used). On the basis of technology or framework used in application decide whether these are AETP or not. ( Refer to below fig)