This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information. You should instead refer to Application onboarding.

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Section summary

As a pre-condition of a CAST AIP analysis and to understand the application from a technical and value perspective, CAST recommends gathering high level technical and non-technical information to help understand the target application for the analysis. The technical qualification will be used to establish what level of "out of the box" support CAST has for the application, identify any show-stoppers such as the use of unsupported technologies or frameworks and any potential customization that may be required to accommodate exceptions.

This "qualification" is primarily focused on identifying:

The non-technical qualification will help to establish what level of potential value could be derived by analyzing the application. Questions are primarily focused on identifying:

Onboard your Application in the CAST AIC Portal

Once the Application and the associated delivery process have been validated with the SME and the Application team, the AI technical coordinator registers the Application in the CAST AIC Portal and configures the CAST Delivery Manager to collect and deliver the source code to the CAST AIP platform.

Expected outputs

At the conclusion of this section, it would be expected that the Application source code will be:

The next step is described in Prepare and deliver the source code.