CAST AIP 8.3.15 contains all fixes from the following previous CAST AIP releases:

The following table lists all bugs fixed in CAST AIP 8.3.15 and that are not already listed in the "Resolved Issues" lists of the above mentioned releases. There are 10 issues listed below. The column "Internal ID" is used only as an internal reference ID.

Ticket IDSituationSymptomsInternal ID
15547Looking at the results of a C++ analysis.False positive for QR- Avoid redeclaring and overriding Methods with different default parameter values (ID: 7930).AIPCORE-673
16004When packaging maven based java source code.When packaging maven based java source with a variable packaging type defined in the pom project file, project got ignored at discovery with below info:
2019-02-06 06:35:26.332 INFO
The packaging for maven artifact [org.springframework][example][${packaging.type}][0.1.0] is ${packaging.type} is specific.
Project is ignored.
17174While using DMT to package Maven based source code.DMT is failing in Discovery step for Maven repository - "ERROR cast.commandLine.exceptionDuringProcess An error has occurred during command processing java.lang.NullPointerException:"AIPCORE-239
17938When attempting to run a PowerBuilder analysis.The analysis gets stuck while analyzing PowerBuilder AU with following log message:
Warning MODULMSG ; Job execution Failed to parse xml file: (invalid document structure - S:\Sources\app\Analyzed\example\bi\src\bi_old_app\bi_ol
and also, there will be VC++ window pop up which blocks the analysis.

After closing the window analysis will continue, and it completes.
18059While packaging Java source codeDuring packaging, in the scan step: we get the error "java.lang.OutOfMemory error."AIPCORE-31
18214While attempting to package a .ksh shell script file that is over 1GB in size with the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.The packaging action fails during the "Scan" step with the error:
"java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:Java heap space".
18294When attempting to run an Oracle extraction for a PeopleSoft analysis.When an Oracle extraction is run, the following error is displayed - "Exception occurred when connecting to database - oracle error "ora-12650"AIPCORE-289
18494Looking at the results of a Shell analysis in CAST Enlighten.Link missing from Shell program to DB.AIPCORE-574
18544When looking at the results of an ABAP analysis.9 ABAP files are not analyzed with warning:
Internal exception occurred during processing listener CABAPFullParsingAction::processABAPFile on instance abapFile #43500: access violation.

When attempting to install "Combined Installation" of AIP schemas when an extension has been downloaded already. This error occurs mainly with Universal Analyzer based extensions (RPG, PHP, Flex).

Error while creating schema: SQL Error: ERROR: relation "dss_metric_types" does not exist. AIPCORE-226
18694During CAST AIP installation on user machine.During AIP installation, if VC++ 2010 dependency is missing, then the computer will attempt to restart because it is missing no-restart flag.AIPCORE-637