Note that in CAST AIP ≥ 8.3.12, the Server Security tab has been removed, as such, it is no longer possible to change the operator and guest user passwords for the associated CAST Storage Service:

Change Operator and Guest passwords (CSS only)

This section provides details about how you can change the passwords for the default Operator and Guest users when working in a CAST Storage Service environment (CSS).


When a CAST Storage Service is installed (see the CAST Installation Guide), two users are created by default with the following passwords:

UserDefault passwordPurpose
OperatorCastAIPThis user is designed to be for all interaction with CAST applications. It has full read and write access to the databases stored on the CAST Storage Service.
GuestWelcomeToAIPThis user is designed to be used by third party tools requiring simple read-access to the databases stored on the CAST Storage Service.
Change passwords

CAST highly recommends modifying the default passwords to suit your own environment. To do so, use the built in mechanism in the CAST Storage Service database server editor:


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