AFP Calibration node - Right hand panel

The AFP Calibration node displays the number of Data Functions and Transactional Functions and their computed/calibrated Function Points:

Right hand panel display

Results with "out of the box" settings:

Results with Default FP value for empty Transaction Functions option set to ASSESS in Compute settings:

This is displayed immediately after opening the CAST Transaction Configuration Center. Data is automatically fetched from the CAST Analysis Service and displayed when selecting the node:

Note that:

- Function Points for any objects you mark as Deleted (during calibration) are not included in the Number of computed function points - Objects that match sets defined in the End Point nodes are not included in the Results. See Data Entities, End points, Entry points nodes, Excluded Items - Browser for more information.

Alternative display

If a Default FP value was defined for Empty Transactional Functions in the latest Function Point computation (see Compute), the following will appear in the Transactional Functions section:

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