Applications view

This section provides a detailed description of the Applications view. This view essentially provides a means for you to manage your Applications.


Shortcut menu

The following shortcut menu items are available in the view, depending on the item you right click:


Edit Use this option to modify the properties of your Application. The Application editor will be displayed.
Stop Managing Application Please see Stop Managing an Application for more information.
Backup Application Please see Backup an Application for more information.
Rename Application Use this option to rename your Application. A dialog box will be displayed enabling you to input the new name for your Application. Renaming an Application will also rename it in the Source Code Delivery Folder and therefore in the CAST AIC Portal.
Delivery Refresh Use this option to refresh the current status of your source code Deliveries. The CAST Management Studio will connect directly to the Source Code Delivery Folder (see Preferences - Platform Setting for more information) to obtain up-to-date information.
Add version Please see Add version.
Current Version Clean upĀ  Analysis Units Please see Clean up Analysis Units
Function Points Open Transaction Configuration Center Use this option to launch the CAST Transaction Configuration Center where you can calibrate Function Point measurements.
Execute Take a snapshot of the Application Please see Generate a Snapshot.
Open Dashboard When clicked, the CAST Management Studio will launch a temporary CAST Engineering / Security Dashboard. This is primarily for validating a Snapshot. The portal is run on a JVM launched by the CAST Management Studio, hence an additional "java.exe" process will be displayed in Windows Task Manager. The JVM is killed when the CAST Management Studio is closed.


  • When using the option you will be prompted for login credentials > admin/cast (case-sensitive): note that this user has the ADMIN role only.
  • CAST AIP schemas hosted in Microsoft SQL Server environment - please be aware that the CAST Engineering / Security Dashboard will fail to load if you carried out a combined installation in CAST Server Manager using a Trusted connection (i.e. using Windows authentication) and are still using the automatically configured connection profile in the CAST Management Studio.
Upload Snapshots to Measurement Service Please see the Execute tab in the Application editor for more information.
Analysis Run Analysis only Please see Run analysis.
Test Analysis Will run an analysis on the current Application and all child Analysis Units but no results will be saved to the CAST Analysis Service.

This is purely for testing the analysis can run without error: you can consult the log files to resolve an issue before you use the run an analysis option or Generate a Snapshot, both of which will save the results to the Analysis Service.

Drop Analysis Results Please see Drop Analysis Results.
Review Dynamic Links Please see Reviewing Dynamic Links.
View execution unit This option will display an XML/HTML based report (in your browser) listing the Analysis Units that are part of the current Application's Execution Unit:

Please see Working with Execution Units for more information.

- Reports and Logs Open Analysis Log folder It is possible to access the analysis log folder and LISA folder using these options. Clicking the options will force Windows Explorer to open the required folder. The location of both folders is defined in Preferences - Platform Settings:
Open LISA folder

No item selected

Edit Use this option to modify the properties of your Delivery Unit. A generic editor will be displayed.
Add Application Use this option to start managing an Application. Please see Manage an Application for more information.
Import an Application backup Please see Import an Application Backup for more information.
Application view buttons

The following buttons are available in the view:

Use this option to start managing an Application. Please see Manage an Application for more information.
View Menu > Alternative method for accessing toolbar buttons
Minimize > Minimize the entire window
Maximize > Maximize the entire window
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