Server access - required rights

This page requires that you have already read and understood the information in Server access rights - overview.

This page describes the server access rights that are required for the various different processes carried out and managed by the CAST Management Studio when you are using a commercial RDBMS to host the CAST databases.

Connecting to a Management Service when launching the CAST Management Studio

To connect to a CAST Management Service for the purposes of using the CAST Management Studio, the following rights are required:

In other words, the user specified in the Connection Profile used when launching the CAST Management Studio (this can be managed via the Manage CAST-MS Connections option) must have at least the above rights.


Interaction with an Analysis/Dashboard/Measurement Service during an analysis or snapshot generation

The rights required in each server environment for interaction with an Analysis/Dashboard/Measurement Service using the CAST Management Studio during an analysis or snapshot generation are detailed in the CAST Installation Guide  (see in a page called Appendix - Login privileges for CAST Products.


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