Analysis tab

This tab allows you to define various specific options (organized by Technology) for all Analysis Units defined in the Application - these options govern the way in which the source code matching the Technology type will be handled during the analysis.

The CAST Management Studio will automatically determine the Technology type of an Analysis Unit when the packages are deployed and the Analysis Units are created. As such, all Technologies that are present in the Analysis Units in your Application will be visible in this tab, for example:

Selecting a Technology type will display a section containing the analysis options for the selected Technology type. These options are either:

You are free to modify them as necessary. Below is an example for the Visual Basic technology:


Available options

The options available at this level are also available at Technology level or at Analysis Unit - see Technology editors and/or Analysis Unit editor for more information and a description of the options. Some exceptions to this are listed below:

Multi technologies - Custom Environment Profile

One exception to this is the ability to apply a Custom Environment Profile for a given Technology - i.e. for all Analysis Units matching the same Technology in the Application:

Environment Profiles are a set of predefined configuration settings that can be included in an analysis. An Environment Profile can be particularly useful where you have several applications that rely on the same specific settings. By creating an Environment Profile that defines these settings, you then simply include the Environment Profile in the analysis. When the analysis is run, the settings in the Environment Profile are taken into account.

This is the case for the following technologies:

Clicking this option will offer two choices:

Add > This option will open a dialog box enabling you to select the Custom Environment Profile you require:

Note that only Custom Environment Profiles for the current technology type will be displayed. if you do not see any profiles listed, you need to create one - see the option below.

Manage Environment Profiles > This option will launch the Environment Profile Manager where you can create your Custom Environment Profiles:

This option will remove the selected Custom Environment Profile.

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