Starting from CAST AIP 8.3.23, CAST Architecture Checker will no longer be installed as part of the CAST AIP setup, whether installing CAST AIP from scratch or on a server where a previous release of CAST AIP exists. CAST Architecture Checker has evolved into a standalone component where all feature requests and bug fixes are now managed. This standalone component can be downloaded from CAST Extend (

Up-to-date documentation can be found here: CAST Architecture Checker.

Types and Properties window

This section provides a detailed description of the contents of the Types and Properties window within the CAST Architecture Checker.

The Types and Properties window simply displays the contents of the CAST Meta-Model - a list of all possible object types and categories:

Any of the items listed in the window can be dragged over to the Model tab in the Main window and on to a Layer or Set to form part of the selection criteria.

Filter field

The Filter field allows you to enter character strings to "filter" the display of items in the window. Filtering is instant - i.e. it occurs as soon as any strings are entered in the field.

Show only application types

When selected, this option will hide all items that are not used by the current Application from the Types and Categories nodes. You need to be working in "online mode" for this option to function correctly - see Working online for more information.

When not selected, all possible items that can be present in the Analysis Service are listed under the Types and Categories nodes.

This option is particularly useful as it narrows down the choice of items when you are creating a Layer or Set. The list of items that can be present in the Analysis Service is very long, so restricting the list to only those items relevant to the current Application can save time.

Identification, Types and Categories options

There are three root nodes in the Main window:

Right click menu options

Right clicking an item in the Types or Categories nodes will offer you either of the following options depending on the node:

Selecting one of these options will display a further dialog box that lists the matching items, for example, for the SQL Procedure type, you can see all the Categories that use this type:

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