Starting from CAST AIP 8.3.23, CAST Architecture Checker will no longer be installed as part of the CAST AIP setup, whether installing CAST AIP from scratch or on a server where a previous release of CAST AIP exists. CAST Architecture Checker has evolved into a standalone component where all feature requests and bug fixes are now managed. This standalone component can be downloaded from CAST Extend (

Up-to-date documentation can be found here: CAST Architecture Checker.

Working with external objects

If you are dragging and dropping identification, types and categories from the Types and Properties window to the Main window (Model tab) to create your selection criteria, by default, the Architecture Checker will use the basic All objects matching criterion. This will match all objects with any of the criteria you add in.

In addition, any external objects (i.e. external to the Application) of the matched object(s) will also be assigned to the layer or set (as well as sub-objects). Including external objects is useful for example if, when a selection criterion matches a Spring bean class, this class will be included in the Layer regardless of whether it belongs to the Application or comes from an external JAR.

If you prefer not to include external objects, you can do two things:

Modify existing criteria in a layer or set
New empty layer or set

Either operation above will result in a criterion that does not include external objects:


Depending on the combination of options you choose, the Layer or Set will change colour as follows (note the background colour and the yellow/grey circular icon in the top left of the criterion):

Include sub-objects ticked, Include external objects not ticked
Include sub-objects ticked, Include external objects ticked
Include sub-objects not ticked, Include external objects not ticked
Include sub-objects not ticked, Include external objects ticked

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