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Summary: This page explains how to manage the Search index used in the Engineering Dashboard.


The Search feature in the Engineering Dashboard uses the open source Lucene search software. Lucene relies on the existence of an index which is generated automatically when the application server is started.

Where is the index located?

The Lucene search index is generated automatically in the following location on disk - the folder and its contents will not exist until the web application server is started for the first time:

or for a combined war:

What governs whether the search index is generated?

By default the Engineering Dashboard is set to automatically generate the search index every time the web application server is started. This is governed by a setting in the following file:


The setting is set to true by default:


How to disable the automatic search index generation

To disable the automatic search index generation:


How to manually generate the search index

If you have chosen not to have the search index generated automatically when the web application is started, or you want to update the search index without stopping the Engineering Dashboard, you can do so as follows:


  • all methods require the ADMIN role - see ED - Configuring user authentication.
  • The index will only be updated if the data in it are not up-to-date (eg. a new snapshot has been computed since the last index build)

RestAPI PUT request

You can run the following PUT request to update the index, where My_Domain is equal to the domain you have defined when Installing and configuring the Engineering Dashboard - in most circumstances the domain will be "AED":


Using the Diagnostic page

Browse to following location:


Click the Update Index button (click to enlarge) - If the button is greyed out, then the index is already up-to-date: