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Summary: this page describes the new features and bugs that have been fixed in the CAST Report Generator 1.8.x.

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  • New templates
  • Generate reports as PDF files

  • New components added for templates

Can be used with:

  • CAST-RESTAPI ≥ 1.8.x

New templates

The following templates are new in v. 1.8.0:

The following Chinese language templates are new in v 1.8.0:

The following templates have been updated in v. 1.8.0:

See also CAST Report Generator - Templates and output options.

New features

REPORTGEN-395 - Generate reports as PDF files

It is now possible to save a report as a PDF file, rather than having to use the same file format as the chosen template. You should ensure that Microsoft Office is installed on the machine if you choose this output type.

Note that this feature is not supported for outputting reports based on Microsoft Excel templates.

To do so:


Change the file extension to .PDF in the save dialog box:


Use a .PDF extension in the -file command line option, for example:

CastReporting.Console.exe -webservice http://<server>:8080/<APIWAR>/rest -username cast -password cast -application eCommerce -template "1 - Powerpoint-components-library.pptx" -file "output_report.pdf"

File name prompt in GUI

When generating a report in the GUI, a name for the resulting report will be suggested for you. The default suggested name will be the same as the template file name selected to generate the report.

REPORTGEN-445 - CLI should return error codes

It is now possible to view the error code for a CLI action. Use the following command after the action has completed:


See Return codes for more information.

REPORTGEN-446 - CLI should accept language as an argument

It is now possible to specify a locale in the CLI - the resulting report will then use the chosen language for certain aspects of the report. The command line option is called -culture and takes the following arguments (the first two characters are also accepted):

See Command line interface for more information.

New components added for templates


This component allows you to view violation statistics (total, added, removed) and the compliance ratio of a selection of rules, which can be sorted by Total Violations from max to min or compliance report:



This component allows you to view violation statistics (total, added, removed) based on quality standards such as CWE, CISQ, OWASP etc.



This component allows you to generate reports that were available in the legacy CAST Engineering Dashboard: Top Complexity x High Fan-Out, Top Complexity x Low Documentation, and more, with all available properties.



This component provides data for generating the following reports that were previously available in the legacy CAST Engineering Dashboard:

Block description:


Decrease numberprevious failed checks - current failed checks
Decrease percentcurrent failed checks / current total checks - previous failed checks / previous total checks , display in percentage (*100)
Increase numbercurrent failed checks - previous failed checks
Increase percentprevious failed checks / previous total checks - current failed checks / current total checks , display in percentage (*100)


This component provides data for generating the Removed Violations report that was previously available in the legacy CAST Engineering Dashboard:


New documentation

All components are now documented. See CAST Report Generator - Components documentation -1.8.0.

Resolved issues

The following bugs have been fixed in this release:

Internal IDCall IDDescriptionAffects VersionNotes
REPORTGEN-40713890Error while generating reports if password is set as null when registering the WS1.6.x

As a result of this bug fix, it is now possible to change the user name and password for an existing active web service entry when in the "Home" page (rather than having to update the credentials in the web service configuration page). The new user name and password will be applied to the existing saved web service configuration and used for all future actions.

REPORTGEN-50115536Number of function points is empty in IFPUG_FUNCTIONS component1.7.x-