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Summary: this page describes the new features and bugs that have been fixed in the CAST Report Generator 1.4.x.

Release 1.4.1

Resolved issues

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REPORTGEN-185 hide Password label in the Web Service Configuration page1.4.0
REPORTGEN-1217083Permanent Fix - [AT&T] Report Generator TREND_TECH_DEBT Graph has Incorrect Measurements1.4.0
REPORTGEN-70 Templates not loaded for version
REPORTGEN-576757Report Generator in Https1.3.0
REPORTGEN-546758Report Generator showing plain-text password !!!!!1.3.0

Release 1.4.0

New components added for PowerPoint/Word format

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New features

Resolved issues


Rounded off values taken into account during calculation
TOP_NON_CRITICAL_VIOLATIONS_EVOLUTION table is showing wrong N/A values
Violation statistics per file should not be equal to -1 for ABAP analysis
Block HF_BY_MODULE is empty after report generation
While generating reports (doc file and ppt file), under topic Technical debt, somewhere currency is shown in dollar and at same place with euro sign. The issue is in both templates (doc as well as ppt) report template.
VIOLATION STATISTICS per file is shown as -1 for reports which involves ABAP technology
500 Internal server error occurred when executing command lines
No more empty tables with Office 2016