Text Replacement

This section enables you to define Regular Expressions (that match character strings in your selected files) that you want to replace with other text:

Add a new Text Replacement

Re-order the list of Text Replacements. This is important because the order in which the items appear in the list, is the order in which the analyzer will replace the character strings that match the Regular Expressions. Thus, if you have a complicated set of Regular Expressions and replacement texts, difficulties could arise if the order in which they are dealt with is not correct.

Delete an existing Text Replacement

Only visible at Application and Analysis Unit level

Use this button to reset the list to the entries defined at one level higher:

  • Analysis Unit level - entries will be reset to all listed at Appplication level
  • Application level - entries will be reset to only those listed at Technology level
  • Use Text Replacement with caution. First try to change the source tree to reflect the production environment and then use Text Replacement for other cases.
  • You can use the Test Text Replacement option to check whether your proposed configuration will function as expected:
    • You will be prompted to choose a source file on which the Text Replacement will be tested.
    • Results of the replacement will be shown in a copy of the selected source file.