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Summary: This section explains how to create the run the CAST Security setup i.e. the installation of a dedicated workstation with all CAST Security end-user applications.



Ensure that the target workstation meets all hardware and operating system requirements (see the CAST AIP requirements, they are identical: Appendix - CAST Administration workstation installation and hardware requirements)


Your login requires local "Administrator" privileges to run the setup. In addition, the setup requires elevated permissions and therefore needs to be run using the "Run as Administrator" option.

(tick)The setup is delivered in a ZIP file. Make sure you have the required ZIP file ready and unzipped.


Make sure that you disable your anti-virus software prior to launching the CAST AIP installer.


Please note that – generally speaking – the installation path must only contain ASCII characters or characters of the language (or language group) of your Windows operating system. For more details, see Characters allowed in the installation path in Appendix - CAST Administration workstation installation and hardware requirements for more information.

Note that it is not possible to define a new path using a Windows environment variable. Only a full path (C:\CAST\...) or a network location (\\HOST\SHARE) can be used.

Which third-party items are installed by the CAST Security setup?

When you complete an installation using the CAST Security setup, if they are not already installed and in addition to the CAST Security components, the following third-party items will be installed to the target workstation:

Next steps?

See Download mandatory CAST Extensions.