The CAST DB2 Analyzer does not support direct connections to a DB2 z/OS server and is instead delivered with a utility that provides the means to extract information related to database structure, types and routines from the DB2 system catalog and then save the results into flat files. These files will then form the input for the CAST DB2 Analyzer.

The extractor is delivered as a JCL file containing a sequence of JCL code. There are various different versions of the extractor, each dedicated to a specific version of DB2:

The extractor JCL files can be sourced as follows:

See DB2 zOS extractor - installation and configuration for information about the installation procedure in a z/OS environment and Using the DB2 zOS extractor for information about executing the extractor.

DB2 z/OS extractor - description

The DB2 extractor contains four categories of steps. The first category, the second category, and the fourth category contain only one step each (STEP00, STEP01, and STEP26) whereas the third category contains 24 steps (STEP02 to STEP25).

By default Step 26 of the DB2 z/OS extractor is set to output the raw file containing table size information with the name "CAST.DB2.TABROWS". However, the extractor JCL may have been manually modified and the output file may be named differently or, during the transfer to the Windows environment, the resulting file may be named differently - see Dataset names and MANIFEST in DB2 zOS extractor - installation and configuration which explains this is more detail. You can find out more information about how to use the raw table size data in XXL tables Quality Rules enablement.