The Update CAST Knowledge Base Tool is part of the CAST Management Studio.

Configuring the Update CAST Knowledge Base Tool

To configure the tool:

By SQL query

This option is the easiest to work with:

CAST Storage Service


By External Program

This option enables you to select an External Program that will be executed when the tool job is run. This External Program should update the CAST Analysis Service entry tables when it is run:

Running the Update CAST Knowledge Base Tool

When you have configured and defined your Update CAST Knowledge Base Tool, you are ready to execute the job. You can do so in two ways:

Note - Before you run the tool manually, you MUST update the CAST System Views (you can do so manually by adding an Update CAST System Views Tool in the Content Enrichment tab in the Application editor) . This is essential because it is sometimes necessary to use data accessed via the CAST System Views when creating your SQL queries. As a result, having the most up-to-date information in the CAST System Views is mandatory.

What happens when an Update CAST Knowledge Base Tool is run?

When you run the Update CAST Knowledge Base Assistant tool, three things will happen: